BigCommerce Vs. Shopify: Which One Is a Better Platform?

The number of people using BigCommerce and Shopify in the UK is high. That is because these platforms are known to be two of the best in the market. However, according to reports, there are more Shopify users compared to BigCommerce. Typically, that is because Shopify has better features compared to BigCommerce. However, it is good to know that both platforms are behind the success of some of the biggest e-commerce enterprises. Features that set Shopify on the top however include;

Shopify is easier to use

It has been discovered that a good number of people who venture into e-commerce have no e-commerce skills whatsoever. Shopify, on the other hand, was designed for people like that. Signing up for Shopify and using it can take a single day. After signing up, you will also be able to find a pre-designed site that you can easily edit to make your site to appear as you wish. BigCommerce, on the other hand, is a little complicated and prior e-commerce skills are a must. The other disadvantage is that you must have excellent web design skills for you to get the best of the platform.

Shopify has a bigger app store

To be able to manage your e-commerce company properly, it is highly recommended that you come up with a suitable managing system. That will require you to bring together several specialized apps that you can use to design a unique system. From drop shipping to SEO, you can find a variety of apps that can be a big help for you. BigCommerce, on the other hand, has a smaller app store. That means customization may not be as seamless as it might be with Shopify. Personalization is one of the essential features to consider.

Shopify has better integration features

For businesses that want to expand their market online and are looking for the best platform for the job, then Shopify is usually the answer. That is because Shopify b2b ecommerce solution is compatible with more POS devices like barcode readers, cash registers, and even smart card readers. This makes it easier for users to manage their inventory because the system will work with what it finds already existing. It is also good to know that Shopify Plus comes with other unique accessories like a smart card reader that you can use to do business on the go.

BigCommerce Vs. Shopify- Which One Is a Better Platform?
BigCommerce has no app

One of the most important things that most e-commerce entrepreneurs require is convenience. Remember that running a company is more than sitting behind your computer all the time monitoring the activities. You might need to take business trips and do other things to ensure that your business is running smoothly. As for Shopify, you can comfortably monitor your activity while doing other things because you can use the app that you can easily install in your smart device. With BigCommerce, on the other hand, you will need to log in through a browser. The bad thing with this is that it is slower, and in most cases, you may not be able to use it on your smartphone.


With more people preferring Shopify over BigCommerce, it has been noted that more people have been migrating from BigCommerce to Shopify. However, it is right to say that BigCommerce is also a robust e-commerce platform only for those people who have enough skills to use the platform. Never forget that when searching for the right software to use, you need to watch out for frauds. Also, you will want to avoid low-cost apps because they usually have limited features. Hence, the two giant e-commerce platforms are your best option.