Fall Inspire Bridal Tour Success!

Fall Inspire Bridal Tour 2013

This year’s Fall Inspire Bridal Tour was a huge success! The Stepping Stone Wedding Rentals team had a great time getting to meet all of the wonderful couples and groups on the tour! 
My husband and I got to Blush at 9:30 in the morning to set up our decor and help get things ready at the shop. In the morning, some of the vendors we had included Brian, the owner of Elegant Woodworking, Mallory, the wedding coordinator at Sweet Cheeks Winery serving drinks and Mark and his staff from Carte Blanche Caterers. The tour started here at Blush at 11a.m. The brides registered and were given a Bride To Be sash from the staff of Unforgettable Service. Then the girls and I from Blush gave the brides and their plus ones a tour of the shop. We started with the Men’s Wear section, where my good friend and head model of Blush was showcasing a gorgeous, gold, Allure Bridals wedding gown. After they were shown around they were given free reign to browse through the store and mingle with the vendors on the patio. As I talked with brides inside about what we offer at Blush, I had one of my oldest and closest friends, Kailee, outside by the Stepping Stone set up to talk with anyone who was looking at the rentals or had questions. 
My Party Bus, owned by Sean Lee, Superior Limo and Eugene Party Bus took the brides and their guests on the main tour of wedding venues. The venues included The Ford Alumni Center, Sprout, Mount Pisgah Arboretum and Northern Lights Christmas Tree Farm! At each venue there were various wedding vendors that the brides and their guests could talk with. While the tour was out at the venues, I took a few bridal appointments. After the appointments it was time to rearranging and set up for the After Party.  As we were putting together the Stepping Stone Wedding Rentals centerpieces on the dinner tables other wedding vendors arrived, including my friend Anita Martinez, owner of Wink Skin Studio. The tour group arrived back at Blush Bridal for the after party around 4pm and the evening festivities began!  Lots of Prizes were given away, dinner from Hole In The Wall BBQ was served and brides had a chance to talk more with any of the vendors! 
We’d like to give a huge thank you to Dawn at Unforgettable Service for inviting Stepping Stone to be apart of the tour! We are so grateful for the opportunity to be involved! We’d also like to thank Teresa at Blush Bridal for having us display our decor at the shop!

We are happy to report we booked one wedding and have three other hopefuls from this Fall Inspire Tour! Summer 2014 dates are booking fast! Call us today and we’ll set up an Rental Viewing appointment! As a lot of the decor items are one of a kind, only those who reserve their rentals for their date will be ensured that the items will be at their wedding! I’d love to help you! So don’t be shy, give us a call or email! 

Happy Planning!
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